Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Of Which We Admire Maru the Cat

I have become enamored of Maru the Cat who has his own blog here. Maru is Japanese and speaks English only haltingly. I wish he would come visit at my house.


Debby said...

You know, I heard a voice, ala Sesame Street. It was saying 'in' and it was saying 'out'. In. Out. That cat could have her own educational program.

Dandy said...

That is so funny! How on earth does that cat jump out of the tall narrow bucket thing?

I agree with Debby. In. and Out.

jkosborne said...

LOL! What a leaper! Reminds me of my kids. We all loved the video. Thanks for posting.

Kerry Osborne

yiddle said...

i <3 maru. tobycat likes to sit on my lap when i play his videos.