Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything Is Relative, Ya Know!

Here in the Upper Midwest, in western Iowa, it seems some complain constantly about the weather!

"It's too hot." "We need some rain!" "Sure wish this rain would stop!" "It's sooo dry, the farmer's need rain!" "I hate this bitter cold!" "The humidity is terrible!" "Sure wish it would snow!" "Oh, I wish this snow would melt." "I hate the ice." "Sure don't like all this mud!" "Doncha hate this weather!"

Lest I put too much emphasis on that, I should add that on pleasant days there are remarks such as "Isn't this a Great Day!", or "Wish we had more days like this one. It's just lovely!" "Doncha love this weather!"

I suppose it is human nature to moan and complain about the bitter stuff and sometimes to forget to enjoy the lovely days.

The following statement is a quote from Bill who lives in Wasilla, Alaska. Yep, Wasilla. That's Sarah Palin's hometown. And nope, Bill does not blog about Wasilla's most famous citizen. Instead he daily gives us a quiet glimpse into the life of Wasilla. (You can read Bill's blog here.") Today, Bill mentions this little bit of info about Barrow, Alaska.

"Today, in Barrow, the sun rose in the south, then set in the south an hour later. It will come up for just half-an-hour, will go down and then won't rise again until January 23."

Today I will not complain. Nope. Not about the coolish weather nor about the sometimes cloudy days nor about anything else in regard to the weather. Nope! Today I am grateful that I do not live in Barrow, Alaska.

It's all relative, Ya Know! Just like everything else in can always be better/worse somewhere else. Take what you have and just get on about the business of Living! And be grateful! And if you live in Barrow, come spend the winter in Iowa!



Michelle said...

Way to put things in perspective!

Debby said...

I have not been able to bring up Bill's blog today.

Kelly said...

Well that does put things into perspective. I think it takes the right personality to be able to live somewhere that gets so much dark in the winter.

As for grousing about the weather... I think that's pretty much a country-wide thing. That said, we're having a beautiful, mild day here in sunny south Arkansas!

Daria said...

That is so true ... everything is relative.