Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes or How I Love Vacuuming!

What a difference a day makes. Or in my case, "what a difference several months make".

It's been four and a half months since I finished my chemo. Hooo, Boy! Do I feel good! Not only do I feel physically good but I feel mentally and emotionally good, too. And since ovarian cancer is not exactly something that is ever considered "cured", I figure I'm going to enjoy every day. Even moments like today when I decided to do deep cleaning for Thanksgiving week. We're having company! Yayyyy, Company!

Hubby began the vacuuming by cleaning the large downstairs room that doubles as a TV/guest room. Then it was my turn and I cleaned the old basement laundry room, furnace room and storage room. Those three rooms are "utility" rooms. Concrete floor, bare walls, wood rafter ceilings. Over the summer months a few wispy spider webs make their appearance along with a few dead bugs, dirt, construction dust. Those rooms are now dust-free. I'll be able to run downstairs barefoot and not feel grit between my toes. I hate gritty floors.

Next stop for the vacuum cleaner was the garage. I figured I'd have to put in a new bag anyway, so why not fill this one to the brim. Again spider webs, dead crickets, debris tracked in with our feet. Tossed the old rug that stood at the entrance cause it was 'done for'. Drained the garden hose. Tidied the area. Put the clutter items out of sight underneath the steps to the kitchen. Placed a 'new' used rug before the door.

There's something about having things clean and tidy. It makes me breathe an appreciative sigh. I can let things go only so far before they begin to bug me. Sometimes I let them go a bit longer like when I was doing chemo or just because sometimes I procrastinate. I'm pretty good at procrastinating. But then, when cleaning begins, I go like gangbusters.

Tomorrow I need to check my grocery list and begin some baking.

I'm thankful that I'm feeling good these days. I hope that you, too, are looking forward to Thanksgiving this year with friends and family and with much thankfulness.



melissa said...

As we say down South, "Bless your heart". You sound just wonderful, and inspire me all the way around. :)

Laurie M. said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well. I need to get some cleaning done around this place. The problem is, I clean other people's places for a living, and am beat when I get home to my own messes.

I hate gritty floors too.

Debby said...

Just a vision of you running to the basement in your barefeet - it sounds so...well...ordinary. WhiteStone, did you ever believe that life would go back to ordinary? Ever?

I was chucking firewood off the truck the other day, and sweating, and suddenly the praises came and they runneth over, and I was standing there with tears in my eyes, glad to the very depths of my soul that I could chuck firewood off a truck again.

Debbie said...

You know, I have PLENTY of vacuuming that you could do here ;)

Scott said...

Whitestone, Praising God for you! And I'm passing this article on to my own girls - so that they to can not only rejoice with you but I'm hoping also learn from your happy example.

Kelly said...

I'm glad that you're feeling so good these days! I bet it's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving around your house.

The floor grit would drive you crazy around my house. With four dogs coming in and out the back door, it's a hopeless cause!

l'optimiste said...

"I'll be able to run downstairs barefoot" - that's the best isn't it? To be able to run and hoover and dust and...just DO stuff! I was digging up plants in my garden today, BIG ones, and this time last year I was just looking at them and wishing the garden fairy would just do something...

Yay, pleased you're feeling so great.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! :o)

Jackie said...

I'm thankful you're feeling well too!

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Elle Bee said...

Well now I just feel like going back downstairs and cleaning up! Ahhhh....but like you I'm also good at a bit of procrastination. :o)
I love that you're feeling well and excited about having company over. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

Glynis said...

Good girl, Judy. Go like the gangbusters when you feel good. Have a lovely US Thanksgiving, girl. You deserve it! x