Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Of Pizza and Pineapple

Pizza and Pineapple...but not in the same dish. That's the menu this morning for breakfast. And, no, this is not a "recipe" post.

Somehow this past month has been incredibly busy. I think if I could take one thing off my calendar it would be medical appointments. But they are there and they will probably remain there for a long time to come.

Last month one of our "missing" family was able to visit from Ohio. And visit we did. It was a blessed time.

This week we are having another nephew visit from Texas. This is his first visit to the area where his father grew up. And so we have taken another tour of the schoolhouse, the farm, the area in general. (Don't forget you can click on photos for close-ups.)

Yesterday's visit to the farm was great fun because the farmer who tills those fields was there with his machinery. He and his helper were placing nitrogen on the acres that will be planted to corn. Then they planned to disk the ground afterward to prepare it for planting. I'm guessing by the end of the day that field was planted and ready for green plants to begin peeking through the soil. It's time. We've hopefully experienced our last killing frost and farmers are now rushing to get every acre planted within the optimum time frame.

Nephew was fascinated with the machinery and asked the farmer many questions...which was nice, because I learned a lot myself without having to ask my own questions.

Of course, we walked through the old house where my siblings and I grew up. As we left, I looked down at the kitchen floor. I remember when that flooring was laid down some 55 years ago. The fellow who sold it to us extolled the virtues of that flooring and guaranteed that it would never wear out. But there it is...the seams are splitting...and it definitely looks "worn out" to me. Don't you think so? That "guarantee" was just too good to be true.

Last evening one of my brothers arrived from his home 100 miles to the south of us and there was much conversation amongst the men at the dinner table and afterward in the living room.

And now today...there are two medical appointments on the calendar. Blood tests. Nephew may have to eat leftover pizza for breakfast. Followed by leftover pineapple upside-down-cake. Somehow I think he can handle that with no problem. Just as long as there is a fresh pot of coffee to go with it.


melissa said...

I remember a day long ago when I went out to dinner with friends and they ordered pineapple pizza. No, I did NOT eat it! :)

Hope your day goes smoothly...and btw, love the newsy post.

Andrea said...

Hope you have an awesome week.
Blessings, andrea

Glenda said...

Your storytelling talent again shines in this post, as you weave the past with the present! Love the pics, too!

I doubt that your nephew will mind pizza for breakfast; I wouldn't!!

Take care of yourself in all of your busyness!

Marydon Ford said...

Shoot! I'll eat both if he doesn't, chuckle! Sounds great to me!

Hope your appts. go well, sweetie.
Have a great day! & enjoy your visits.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

ce_squared said...

I LOVE reading your posts. And I love pineapple upside down cake. Have a good visit with the doctor.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your posts make me smile....I love both pineapple and pizza so the title caught my attention....

Have a wonderful week...Stop by and check out my Mother's Day Giveaway.

Kelly said...

Pizza can be good for breakfast. I've never been drawn to that pizza with ham & pineapple on it, though. The pineapple upside down cake sounds better.

You've been busy, yet a satisfying busy.

cinnamongirl93 said...

You really must start writing a book! I love the way you spin your story. It's always so interesting.

Linda said...

My husband's favorite pizza is Canadian Bacon and Pineapple!! God is so good! How exciting for all of you to have another nephew come to see family!

Linda said...

I forgot to ask--Did you find any more treasures like the cabinet knobs?