Friday, May 7, 2010

A Week In Which I Learn Several Things

Life is full of little moments of learning. Sometimes those learnings are not of great import. But sometimes they are.

I learned this past week that three people can clean a garage in a little over an hour. (This was a one-car garage so perhaps yours may take longer!) We bagged up stuff for the Goodwill. We bagged up stuff for the curb. We hope we bagged up all the spiders. No, not to the Goodwill; to the Curb!!!

I learned that family is family. Even if they've been lost for 25 years. During April and May we had visits from long lost family members. During both visits we shared old family stories, old photos, old places that were important to their father when he was growing up. It was a good time for us and I believe for them as well. What a blessing from God to all of us!

While cleaning out our fridge I found a cellophane bag of lettuce. Very old lettuce. Hidden well behind something else. Hidden for a long time. I learned that bagged lettuce of certain age simply turns to liquid. It was pretty ugly! That bag traveled very speedily from the fridge to the trash. Ughhh!

We learned that some hospitals, even highly rated "teaching" hospitals, can fail to live up to their reputation. Thursday, Hubby went in for two days of testing. The staff flubbed royally and failed to instruct him to fast (and failed to instruct kitchen staff as well) for a biopsy to be taken on the second day. The biopsy had to be postponed until Monday. We'll be making a second trip to the Big City hospital.

This morning I was reminded in another incident that God's providence (provision for us) is good indeed. I met with my oncologist before having chemo. My comment about his tie (a lovely pink and dark navy stripe) led to something else which then led to our talking about our shared faith in God. It is gratifying to know that he understands me when I say, in speaking of my cancer, that I believe God holds all my days in His hands. (Psalm 139:16). And he understands that while I believe this verse, I also believe that we are to seek good medical care and that I want him to do the best job possible for me in dealing with ovarian cancer.

I had told him that when I see shirts and ties I think in terms of "fabric" and have a covetous desire to cut them up for quilts. He grabbed his tie rather protectively. First, he's a good Onc. Secondly, he's a nice man. Third, he did not give me his tie. I guess two out of three isn't bad. Especially in that order.



Debby said...

You know, WhiteStone. I've been fretting about things a bit. About pain, and tiredness, and what does it all mean. These questions come back full circle to the question that I asked myself back in the fall of 2008. That is, 'Do you believe what you've been saying all these many years?' The answer is 'Yes, God.' I've been talking the talk. Now it's time to walk the walk. Am I doing a good job walking that walk? I hope so. Sometimes my steps falter. They have been for a couple weeks now, but I feel like I'm stepping out like a woman of faith now. It is always helpful to find yourself walking within a group.

PS. You're part of my group.

Kelly said...

You know...I've learned that very same thing about lettuce before. Ewww!

Glenda said...

Your posts are always so uplifting - and this one is no exception! I've found some "science projects" in my frig, too! And your reminder that God does hold all our days in His hands is just what we need in these chaotic days.

"Family is family." Love that, too. That's true of God's family, too!

Hope your husband's test results are good ones! Have a blessed weekend!

Dorothy said...

Hehe! I can just imagine your oncologist grabbing his tie!

Vilma said...

I love your post and I have realized that even cleaning a garage can bring family members even closer - lol! If it were easy though to communicate the need sometimes........ Thanks for making me smile!:)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Lots of things turn to liquid. Don't ask me how I know this. lol!
Blessings to you and yours.
Happy Mothers Day!

melissa said...

Will be praying about your husband's test/biopsy for Monday. For it to be one big nothing (or maybe you already know that it is!?!).

Have a wonderful weekend being a mom, girlfriend, and take care of yourself.


S. Etole said...

very uplifting post ... hope your week-end is doubly blessed

Bill said...

Everyday, we learn, whether we want to or not.

Or at least, we are taught lessons.

Happy Mother's Day, Whitestone.