Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Still Tending - And Sweating

I find it interesting that we still have within us the urge to "tend the garden". For anyone with perennial flower beds, spring brings its annual ritual...that of working through the beds, one at a time, tidying, pulling unwanted plants, replacing mulch.

And each spring I learn once again that God meant it when He said, "by the sweat of your brow"! (Even though this was in reference to food rather than flowers, I think it applies to veggies, flowers and life in general! Genesis 3:19)

I'm also learning this year that the "perfect plant" is non-existent. That tidy little sage plant that I purchased two years ago in a 4-inch pot? It has branched out to a 3-foot spread. Mr. Sage thought he owned the place. And I showed him...he no longer lives in my flower bed. Or at least, he won't, once I've killed the roots. (Sure did smell good, though, while I was cutting and crushing and tossing.)

The oregano? It's not quite so aggressive, and so I merely trimmed it around the edges where it was running rampant over the stepping stones.

The thyme? A quiet little plant that spreads just enough to provide sprigs for the kitchen as often as I want them. Whenever I'm in the garden I like to crush a few leaves between my fingers and enjoy their herbal aroma! Lovely!

And remember when I mentioned my grandmother's tiger lilies! Well! They may have been well-behaved at Grandmother's house but here the soil and the moisture and the sun are just too much to their liking. Instead of being a controlled substance, so to speak, they've become prowling tigers, roaring in the dark, sneaking into new areas, expanding their home territory, overtaking smaller plants who are content to be tidy. Some of those tigers have to go and I've been pulling them up, cutting them into short lengths, and and tossing them on the compost pile. Grrrrrrr!

There are a couple dry areas...beds that due to their location seldom get water other than what comes by rain. I've previously planted sedums in these areas to provide good ground cover. Today I added two more varieties. My daughter helped me pick out some tiny-leaved beauties while I was visiting her last month. They'll need very little care. My kind of plant.

One more flower bed to go...the main one by the deck.

Today's verses:
Genesis 2:15
Genesis 3:19


Glenda said...

Your garden sounds beautiful - and well-cared for!

Kelly said...

I remember the year I planted some mint in my flowerbed. Big mistake!

Gregg said...

Your garden does sound beautiful. I thank God often for the various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures of flora and fauna He created for His pleasure and then shared them with us to enjoy.

Elle Bee said...

I just made some rosemary, thyme & cheese scones and the aroma while I was chopping the herbs was intoxicating! I loved your paragraph about the tiger lilies! You know what's rampaging thru my garden? Evening primroses! I didn't know they were so outgoing!

Laurie M. said...

Isn't it kind of God that even under a curse the world provides us with much blessing...we toil for it, but there are still blessings to be found and somehow it makes the toil seem worthwhile enough to continue.

Pilgrim Mommy said...

Around here, the orange day lilies are called ditch lilies because they can be so invasive. After reading your post, I need take dominion over some weeds in my own yard.

S. Etole said...

Wish the lilies here would get a bit of that enthusiasm ...