Monday, May 17, 2010

This is a Purr-fect Solution

My mind looks for solutions. Not always with success, and certainly not always with brilliance.

But once in awhile a bright idea pops into my head.

For instance...many of my friends have kitties living in residence. Wonderful, warm, loving kitty friends. Special felines. Happy additions to the household.

But kitties shed.

And so, my suggestion? (My invention!!) An electric brush with a very slight vacuum effect that could be used to groom said Kitty. You may ask, What's new about that? Aha! What's new is that MY brush would have a soothing purring sound. Kitty would think he/she was being groomed by his/her Mama of days of old.

If someone has already invented this wonderful little grooming device, please let me know. And if they have not, you have my permission to put one together and put it on the market. I'll take a paltry 2 percent.

You can read about my previous inventive ideas here! I especially like the self-cleaning deck that removes winter snow all by itself with no help from me or you.



Kelly said...

This reminds me of the attachment we bought for our vacuum cleaner years ago. It was meant to remove loose hairs from a dog, but considering how most dogs react around vacuum cleaners... well, you can just imagine what our rottweiler thought of it.

Your idea sounds much more gentle and relaxing.

Lovella ♥ said...

What fun. ..and oh my ..when we had a white cat in the house.. .I could have used one. The funniest time was when my dad was leaving and I noticed as he walked out the door. . he pants at the back were sporting white fur.

Sara Williams said...

I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! Well done you x

Gregg said...

That is an outstanding idea! I know I am not the first to say that, but it is. The cats would probably like it alot.

I love both my cats but I get tired of the hair and more than once they almost became "homeless."

Relyn said...

My Mom is like you. She often invents new things in her head.