Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whereupon I Try Something New with Wishful Thinking

When I learn something new I love to share. And today's "Word to the Wise" is aimed at my fellow cancer peeps.

You remember from yesterday's post that I am visiting the Minnesoda daughter and grandson. Near Minneapolis. And you know that we've taken advantage of the great eateries here and have eaten out. And we've completed one home project. And then we ate out again!

It is early morning and I am the first in the household to be up and about. I betcha Hubby is sleeping in at home, too. There and here, I'm the early bird. Aside from the microwave beeping that my oatmeal is done, it's pretty quiet around here.

My Word to the Wise? I'm gettin' there. It has to do with shampoo, not oatmeal.

When I visit Daughter I enjoy checking out the shampoo, the body wash, whatever bottles are in the shower. Standing in someone else's shower is an easy way to try new brands! I like the scented ones. I like the new, unknown to me, brands. At home we have 20 zillion varieties of the old labels but not many "new", or "green", or "pomegranate"...not that this one was pomegranate. I don't really remember that this one had any particular scent or claim to being "green". But it held out promise.

You see, yesterday's shampoo was labeled "Curly Shampoo".

And here's my Word to the Wise with "wise" being my fellow cancer peeps.

Do not use Curly Shampoo. Especially if you are bald from chemo. In spite of any hopeful wishes you might harbor, it doesn't work. I promise you, it Does NOT Work!

However, I'm thinking that the itchy rash on the back of my hands is from the shampoo. I think I'm allergic to it. Me! Bald me! Allergic to Curly Shampoo!

Go figure.

Sign me off as "Still Bald but Not Curly".



Glenda said...

You are such fun - and an inspiration!!! Love this post . . . and I do hope your itch gets better!

Tina said...

You are funny! Thanks for the chuckle!! :D
In a few months or so I'll be looking for some advice from you about the baldness--I'll remember that "curly" shampoo doesn't help any! ;)

Karen said...

Oh, Whitestone! I remember shampooing my "head" every day when I was bald, just because it didn't feel right somehow - it didn't feel like I had really completed the shower routine - without doing so!

My hair came back curly, just as it was before the chemo, no matter what type of shampoo I used.

melissa said...

You tickle me. ;)

Debby said...

Oh, I remember once staring so longingly at a girl's long hair that her mother thought I was gay. That was the day that I went to my truck and had myself a good cry.