Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Shirt Quilt Bedspread

Last year I made a quilt bedspread from shirt fabrics. I'm a quilter and I'm fascinated with the fabric found in quality men's shirts. Cotton fabrics only. Quality fabrics only. No wimpy low thread count fabric.
I very much dislike those poufy puffy comforters being sold as bedspreads. Oh, a poufy puff is okay in the middle of the winter but who wants to deal with that pile of fluff in the summertime!?
So last year I made a bedspread quilt and used a thin cotton batt. I machine quilted it on my vintage Singer 15-91. This year I'm making another spread in a blue/cream/green colorway. I need five more rows and then will sew a 4-inch border around the edge. I think I'll put in a slightly heavier cotton batt in this one.
This may be a pretty 'blah' quilt to some and it is certainly plain compared to quilts I've made in the past, but I like its simplicity. And I'm the one who will sleep under it so I guess it's my choice. LOL.

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