Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Call him MISTER!

Every winter, if weather permits, I make a snowman. It's an opportunity to protest old age, I suppose. And to exercise my creativity! And to challenge the neighbor kids who sit all day long in front of their video games instead of enjoying that white fluff covering their front lawn.

This year's snowperson (Ms. Snow Person) is part of my profile photo and she has long since melted into the ground. You can tell by the wisp of green "hair" that Ms. SP was a garden lady. She was intent on looking at the bright side of life and recognizing that Spring will indeed arrive on the scene...even if she knew she would not be around to see it.

But the snowman in today's photo, which I've personally named MISTER Snow Person for his undoubtedly overwhelmingly robust size, greeted me as I drove to the city on Sunday. No camera with me! But I knew that I would be driving that way again on Tuesday and with temps plunging near zero I knew Mr. SP would still be standing beside the road.

I took this photo from behind the steering wheel of my car and it is NOT a trick photo. To give you an idea of his size, his smile is made up of a row of gallon tin cans. And if I am not mistaken, his orange nose is a traffic cone. Coooool. In more ways than one. LOL

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