Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who Me? Use Lip Plumper? For a Plumpy Pout???

Those who willingly chase after the most recent fashion fad are currently on the Plump Lips Bandwagon and plunking down plenty of dollars for products that will zing the lips into a false foolness...ooops, I mean 'fullness'. I'm sorry, I just can't climb aboard that wagon. You see, I was born with full lips and was teased unmercifully as a child about my big mouth. Yep. I have a big mouth. Both visually and verbally. I'm not about to run out and buy some bee venom (or whatever it is that they use) to sting my lips into artificial fullness. I find it absurd that young women are so easily persuaded to secure an imitation beauty, to trade their own natural beauty for the trendy fakery, a fake image that is promoted by the cosmetic industry for $$$$. Get it? It's a Commercial Idea. That means the plump lip look is promoted by those who wish to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account. Create the demand and the people will buy.

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