Monday, March 10, 2008

GET RID OF THE PLASTIC!!! BUY GLASS!!! Or Why I Love Pyrex Stacking Storage Bowls

I've recently become averse to using plastic for food storage. Instead I've begun collecting these Pyrex stacking bowls. They come in several sizes and styles. Sometimes I find them at yard sales or thrift shops. They're a popular item on eBay, too, but I don't like to pay today's shipping costs. Better to be patient and find local bargains.

One of the things I like about these bowls is their stackability. If the lid is placed on the bowl upside down it provides a nifty and safe platform for a second bowl. I can stack three bowls on the top shelf in my fridge in a single space. I like that the glass lids allow me to see the contents. I like the fact that I can heat leftovers in my microwave without worrying about plastic. And I like the various colors and designs. The bowls are ovenproof as well and work nicely for small casserole dishes.

Pyrex! Toss the plastic! Buy glass! Yayyyy!

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