Thursday, March 20, 2008


When I say "Gorgeous!", I'm talking about the vintage Singer treadle sewing machine. However, the seamstress is pretty gorgeous herself, and I'll bet dimes to doughnuts that the average seamstress of that era didn't dress up this well to do her sewing.

I've often wondered about the long dresses of this era (early 1900s). How did they ever manage to keep the hems clean as they tromped across muddy walkways or down rain-drenched sidewalks?

I'm guessing the sewing machine is a Singer Model 66. Mine is, too, but is in a much fancier oak parlor cabinet. The cabinet encloses and hides the machine entirely.

The interesting thing about the machine in the photo is that if it were periodically cleaned and oiled, it would still be sewing today. Those old machines were entirely mechanical (no computerized components) and all-metal. A bit of oil. Keep the lint cleaned out. Replace the belt as necessary. Put in a new needle now and then. This baby will sew forever. Sew as fast or as slow as you wish. Way Cool! And Gorgeous!

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