Monday, March 17, 2008

Log Cabin Shirt Quilt

Click on the photo for a larger view! I've just finished putting on one border on the log cabin quilt. The red strip is fussy cut from a bright plaid. All the fabrics in this quilt top are from shirts (men's and boy's). The fabrics are 100 percent cotton and of a high thread count. That means there are no flimsy fabrics included.
By the way, I am a stickler for accuracy when stitching. The photo of the main portion of the quilt was taken before the border was added. The photo makes it appear as if it is askew but that's a trick of the camera. I laid the quilt top on the living room rug and I couldn't get squarely overhead to take the photo. Hence the camera distortion.

I've made seven or eight "shirt quilts" and have a substantial stash of fabrics cut from said shirts. It's almost an addiction. Whereas I used to hit quilt shops and never came out without new fabric to add to my stash, I now watch the local thrift shops, the Goodwill, and yard sales, always with my eye towards finding another shirt for my stash.
I say it's an addiction because I really, really don't have time to spend quilting. I have enough quilts in two closets to keep several beds warm all winter long. I don't need any more quilts. Not even a nap size quilt like this one. Still...its rather fun to rotate them for naptime.
What can I say? I like my quilts. I like making them. I like sleeping under them. I like wrapping them around me and getting cozy for an afternoon's nap.

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