Thursday, March 27, 2008

Postage Stamp Basket Quilt Block

Isn't this a nifty quilt block? It measures a mere 4.5 inches finished size. I made it yesterday. However, I've already made one quilt using this block and will probably not make another. So this Postage Stamp Basket Quilt block hangs pinned to the curtain for its decorative effect...and perhaps to entice me to make another...and another...and...No! I'm not going there! There are too many other tasks today!

You, however, may have time on your hands. If you do and if you are intrigued by this pattern, you can read Alex Anderson's instruction at this website.

This is a great pattern for scraps. Each basket takes two pieces of fabric, one light, one dark, each 6"x8" in size.


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