Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Recurring Dream

I don't dream this one anymore, but in years past, I had this dream often. As a child I collected pennies and put them in those little blue folding penny books. In the dream I would be checking my latest batch of pennies and now and then would find a "commemorative" penny, one which featured on the reverse a particular state. These were always a special find and I was disappointed upon waking that it was only a dream.

Then Uncle Sam decided to mint the commemorative quarters. I'm certain he stole my idea, but I can't prove it. (Big grin here.) And since then I no longer have that particular dream.

Nah, I don't believe in ESP or in the paranormal. I deal with life on concrete terms (although I certainly believe in spiritual things for I am a follower of Jesus Christ). Still...I've had several recurring dreams and this was one of them. It was always fun finding (in the dream) one of those special pennies.

And, yes, I have a collection of the state quarters.

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