Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm In the Story

I've been doing some night time long distance driving lately. Late at night. Midnight. Long miles.

I've always enjoyed driving at night. Moon in the sky off my left shoulder. Very little traffic. The hum of the tires on the pavement. Rolling down the highway, mile after mile, purposeful, playing out the events of the day in my mind. Sometimes I'll tune in a radio station and listen to some voice in the night, some late night DJ who is simply talking into the night. And there I am...listening to him...and he doesn't know it...and I don't know him. But he's talking and I'm listening. And we're sharing the night together.

I get the oddest feeling on those trips that somehow I am part of some grand thing. Some grand story. Playing my part in some grand event of which my life is only a minor part, yet a much important part. I never have that feeling when I am driving daytime to do some shopping. No, it has to be a long haul drive at night when the road stretches out in front of me, my headlights hugging the road, and the miles passing under me, smoothly, as if I'm floating along. The fatigue that comes with those night drives is familiar and comforting, and it's as if I'm taking part in some grand fatigue of a grand story. I'm in that story.

I'll sleep well tonight. And I hope you do, too.

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