Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recurring Dreams

I've had several recurring dreams (who hasn't?). Last night I had a dream that I've dreamt many times before. In the dream I'm going down a flight of stairs with my feet in a "ski" position in such a way that I skim the front edges of the steps in a speedy, smooth descent. My hand is on the handrail which gives me some stability in this fast trip. If I balance just right, the move from the top step to the bottom is smooth, uninterrupted, fast. I haven't stumbled yet in this dream!

I suppose it dates back to my school days. We attended a three-story school building. The top floor was the high school and there were two flights of steps between each floor...about ten steps in one direction, then around a short corner to take ten more steps in the opposite direction. I was always running down those steps (as was every other kid in school) and once I tripped and skidded on my bottom, hitting several steps, leaving a huge blue knot of a bruise that took forever to disappear. Even though I was never able to "ski" as in the dream, I would balance my hand on the handrail and jump several steps at a time.

That was when I was young and agile and always in a hurry. Nowadays I tread carefully downstairs and up and only dream about going faster.

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