Friday, April 11, 2008

You'll Think I'm Ancient

You'll think I'm ancient when you read that my Dad was born before the 20th Century. Yes, he's gone now. He'd be ancient himself if he were still alive. LOL.

I've been playing with family history using an online genealogy site. At first I tried their free trial subscription, but when I had so much fun and was able to access a lot of census data, etc., I bought a year's subscription.

Here's a photo of my Dad. All the days of his life he was a farmer, wearing bib overalls most days. When I was very small I remember him carrying a can of tobacco in the bib pocket. He also had a watch on a woven leather string that he let me pull out and look at. Sometimes he even had a few pennies in his bib pockets and if I found them, he'd let me keep them.

When it was time to go to church, though, Dad wore a suit and his dress hat. He looked pretty spiffy.

He was such a nice man. Quiet and gentle. Loving and kind. Great sense of humor. I miss him a lot.

I bet you still think I'm Ancient. Or at least Vintage.

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