Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Astronaut Air

A month ago I accompanied my brother to the VA hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. While washing my hands in the ladies' room I noticed no paper towels. Only an air dryer. If both are available I normally choose the paper towels because I find them faster and they do a better job of drying. If I use the air dryer, I get impatient and usually finish the job by swiping my hands on my jeans just below the knees. (Doesn't sound very ladylike, does it? LOL) I figure below the knees, nobody will notice if my jeans are a bit wet.

But here, at the VA, in this particular restroom there was only the air dryer. I noticed that it was labeled with words something akin to "Super Air Flow". Sure enough, when I placed my wet hands near the automatic "ON" the unit nearly jet-propelled me across the room. (Sometimes I exaggerate!) The skin on my hands rippled and flowed as the superfast air speed quickly dried/removed the water. (This time I'm not exaggerating!) The effect was so startling that I stood there, twisting my hands back and forth, watching the folds of skin flabbing in the breeze. (I think I've invented a new word!!)

The force of the air was astoundingly fast. It reminded me of the photos of jet pilots or astronauts experiencing several Gs of accelerative force, causing the skin of their cheeks and neck to billow backwards off their face.

They should label the g-force of hand-dryers. Then at least I could make an educated decision as to whether I want to stand and watch billowing hands or whether I prefer to skip the science experiment and swipe my hands on my pantlegs.

On the other hand, think how much fun it would be to shampoo and then dry your hair under one of these things! WooHoooo! Instant Dry!


Dana said...

you always crack me up!

Dana said...

You always crack me up!

cinnamongirl93 said...

O.K. That paints a really funny picture!
Haha!!! LOL!!!Big Smile!!!