Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silence is Golden or How I Hate Soap Operas

I spent one afternoon this week in the waiting room at the VA hospital. My brother sat beside me. I don't think he even noticed but the TV (installed to pacify the masses) was blaring one of the afternoon Soaps. I hate Soaps. I hate watching people Fight and Argue and Connive and Kill each other off and Cheat, yada, yada. How can anyone call that Entertainment??!!

It dawned on me that Never in my life have I watched Soaps except when I am forced to. Doctor's waiting rooms are notorious for this! I sit there and wonder to myself, "Is anyone in here actually watching this garbage?" Or are they, as am I, too polite to speak up and ask someone to turn off the trash. My remedy? Bury my head in a book and try as hard as I might to ignore the Soapy (Sappy) noise bombarding my ears.

My mood is not helped by the fact that I'm taking an over-the-counter antihistamine for hay fever. Aaarrgh!


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cinnamongirl93 said...

My Mom always had the soaps on. I grew up watching them. I used to plan my life around the soaps. That was 12 years ago. A lot has changed since then. I felt that I was watching garbage. Garbage in garbage out. I quite cold turkey.