Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Say Stone Her! I Say They Have Hearts of Stone

The left-leaning media is making much to-do about the pregnancy of Sarah and Todd Palin's daughter in an attempt to discredit the naming of Palin to McCain's team.

Contrary to what would seem sensible to abortion proponents, these two young people have chosen to affirm life, to see that this new human being continue on his or her journey (for this baby's life-journey has indeed begun), to welcome this baby with love, no matter that they and the McCain/Palin ticket will take flack from the media.

This same media would applaud every woman's so-called civil right to abort the life within her, to kill the baby before he has a chance to breathe. But they are self-righteously quick to assault the judgment and scruples of a young couple intent on loving their unborn child. How twisted is that?

Millions of women, some young, some old, have abortions in this country every year. And the public and the media and some of us, applaud them and say, "Well done. You did what was right...what was right for you...because, after all, nobody can tell you what is right for you except you." And then, after they have made politically correct lip-service to the left, they turn and viciously snipe at a young mother and father who refuse to buy their lies.

Jesus was confronted once by critics who wanted him to condemn. The situation was different than the one we speak of here. Still it fits this commentary for I believe if he were confronted with this situation, if he were asked to publicly condemn, he would simply bend down and begin writing in the dust. (John, Chapter 8)

Then he would say, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

And at this point, I think some of those condemning, critical voices need to slink away in silence.

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cinnamongirl93 said...

IMO the liberal media is quaking in their boots. They fear a woman like Mrs. Palin. She is a young 44. She has many years of politics ahead of her. I belive she is a strong Godly woman. The media will do anything to promote their far left views. I think American's are getting tired of the media and it's promotion of it's politics. As they continue to rant to stone her as does Hollywood we, the voting public will let our votes be heard!
My kids were brought up in a soild Christian home. They still have free will to make their own decisions. Sometimes our kids make bad choices. Just like we have. Thank God for His forgivness!
I applaud the Palin family. Their situation is private but now played out in front of the entire public. I can't even imagine how that would feel.
Sorry I ranted about this. I am really sick of the left liberal agenda and everything that goes along with it!