Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilts and Complicated Issues - Two Topics

Nancy Kirk of Omaha, Nebraska, is well-known in the quilt world for her expertise on restoration of vintage and antique quilts. She also has thoughtful commentaries on life in general and I especially liked this one on friendship. Or, if you are more interested in what she has to say about quilt restoration, click here. I like quilts in general but antique quilts made of antique fabric fascinate me. Perhaps it is because my mind is such that I like pattern and design and color and structure. The pattern for this vintage 1930s quilt is called Golden Wedding ring.

While reading elsewhere this morning (reading blogs and clicking on links therein) I ran across this quote which made me chuckle.

“The Bible says somewhere that mankind is desperately wicked,” quipped Abraham Lincoln. “I think I would have discovered that fact without the Bible.”‘

Joe Laconte makes use of the quote in his article on The Irrationalilty of Anti-Americanism - a World Gone Mad. I have to suggest that he should have included in this commentary his thoughts on why there is so much irrationality in America itself. Anti-Americanism is surely as rampant here as in other parts of the world. Conspiracy theorists in America are as irrational as their European counterparts, and in their irrationality they do great damage to our nation. They deceive while being self-deceived. The sad part is that you cannot have a rational discussion with irrational people.

I wonder how Abraham Lincoln would have viewed today's world.


cinnamongirl93 said...

What a lovely quilt. I love the pattern and the colors. Is it yours? If so did you make it? It's so pretty!
I so want to comment on the rest of your post. I'm afraid I may rant too much! I do agree with your words.

Nancy Kirk, The Kirk Collection said...

Thanks for your kind comments about The Monday Minute. If your readers would like to start getting them, they just need to sign up for a free subscription to our newsletter.

Warm regards,

Nancy Kirk
The Kirk Collection

whitestone said...

Cinnamongirl, this pattern is a Golden Wedding Ring. No, I did not piece it. It was entirely hand-pieced by some expert seamstress. I found it at a thrift shop and debated hand-quilting it but decided No, Too Much Work! LOL. Someone else now owns it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilt! I too have several vintage/antique quilts that I inherited from family. On my blog I am going to talk about, hope you'll come look - maybe you can give me some insight about them. www.bethluvs2quilt.com Thanks!