Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Can Short Winter Days Be So Long and Long Summer Days Be So Short?

We live in Iowa. If you live outside the US you may not know where that is, so I'll tell you. It's juut about in the center of the country. Our average killing frost date is October 10. And our average last frost in the spring occurs around May 10. That's on the average. Some years the autumn frost comes early. And some years spring crops may receive a late frost. It varies.

But my consternation is this. Why, at the first autumn frost, do we groan at the thought of a long, long winter ahead of us? And why, six months later, when summer is barely beginning, we grumble that summer is flying by and "almost over" before it has really begun. Why do we imagine winter will "never end" and that summer "passes so quickly".


cinnamongirl93 said...

Because that's the way it is. Our summer this year was on the cool side. I'm not complaining. It seemed like we had 2 1/2 months of great weather. Last winter was a tough one. Don't you agree?

whitestone said...

We had so many snow storms (which meant we had to scoop the driveway tooooo many times). LOL. But in spite of the snow, the temps weren't all that bad. Compared to some winters when we had temps 20 below or worse. Last year I think it barely got below zero.