Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buzz the Camo Bear

While I was in the hospital my daughter brought me a bear from the gift shop. His tag said his name was "Willow", but I informed everyone his name was really "Buzz". Maybe because I myself was still buzzed.

Buzz did an admirable job of providing cushion for my tummy or for snuggling and warming my ear.

Nurses, aides, and visitors alike commented on Buzz Bear. My humor must have been too subtle for not once did I get a giggle out of my comment that "He's wearing Camo." As in camouflage! Get it! He's white! The bed is white! The pillow is white!

Not a single giggle.

I think they thought I was still buzzed. But I know Arctic Camo when I see it.


Diane said...

LOL - he is adorable. Is he the soft shearling-style fur? (Did I admit that I periodicly snuggle my bears as well as vacuum them?)

Paula said...

I think you are hilarious!! And, I'm so glad Buzz could be of comfort to you....he's a cutie.

Renna said...

Hah, the camo comment is very clever, but I'm not sure I'd have gotten it, either. ;-Þ

Was this a recent hospital stay? Did I miss something? :-o

cinnamongirl93 said...

Cute! I get it. I love teddy bears. Yours is just adorable!