Friday, February 20, 2009

My Reading Habit

Several years I have disciplined myself to reading through the Bible. But I am dismayed when I read the same thing over and over again ... particular chapters in Chronicles, Kings, Samuel (I may or may not have the correct books mentioned here) are almost identical word for word in that some chapters in these book document the same historical event of a particular king(s). It's like reading a history book over and over again.

So this year I've printed out a chronological reading plan. This will allow me to read through the Bible in the order that events occurred.

My problem? I keep losing my list! Ugh! How can you lose a piece of paper that should be tucked inside your Bible?

If you are an online reader (I am not) you can find a plan suited to your tastes here or a similar plan here.

And if you'd like to try the chronological order, here's a reading plan that you can print out and place in your Bible.

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Barb said...

I came to say thanks for coming by and entering my bird nest giveaway, and leaving your 'thankful thoughts'.

I have enjoyed reading a bit of your blog.
I especially appreciated this one, about repeated reading year after year.
My husband and I read each night, and have followed several 'read through the Bible in a year' plans.
But, it does get old reading the same things over and over. We are currently reading about all the temple rules for sacrificing. That must have taken all their time by the sounds of it, and how they kept them all straight i will never know. (well, maybe some day I will.) =0)
Also, regarding losing things. Boy do I understand that!!! I am forever losing things no matter how organized i try to be. Have just chalked it up to too many things on my mind, not, at 60, the beginnings of anything!

Barbara Jean