Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Foods I'm Learning to Love

My innards are more wonky than most. Surgery usually means that the digestive system is put to sleep right along with the rest of the body. The problem is this...once asleep, it's hard to awaken. That's why you get to first eat clear liquids before more substantial fare can enter your system. Clear liquids include such tasty items as Hot Broth and Cold Jello (ugghhh). Once your system tolerates those, you graduate to strained soup. And advance slowly from there.

Usually within a couple days, the system is up and going! But I'm not here to tell you the usual...in my case, my system is the UNusual. It takes my innards forever and ever to awaken and this past week has been definite proof of that. So I have been cautious about what I eat.

It surprises me that I have begun hankering soft-cooked eggs! Me! The farm kid who always wanted her eggs fried hard. No runny yolks for me! No, Sirree! But this week I've devoured (and loved) soft eggs. And for dessert? How about a few cooked prunes! Yum. And best of all, avocados! Plain avocados. Eaten out-of-the-shell avocados. Hooo-Yahhhh! Those avocados are yummy. My tummy says so.

And I hate to admit it but I even like those bottles of Ensure. Vanilla.

Give me another day or so and I'll be extolling some food that sounds a little more normal. (she said with a smile)


Cat Rocketship said...

I'm telling you, Butter Pecan Ensure is the way to go. Amazing. You will never think about Vanilla Ensure again.

cinnamongirl93 said...

I too love eggs! I just picked up 8 dozen farm fresh ones from a friend. All I can think about today is eating eggs! Yum. I hope everything is working again!