Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chemo Scarf - Or How To Keep Your Cool When You're Not Looking So Cool!

Thanks to chemotherapy I lost my hair last March. My daughter knit my first warm cap and I knit a couple after that. I purchased a couple online so I was set for cool weather. Keeping warm was the issue and the knit caps did the trick.

But when warm weather arrived I realized that any covering, whether scarf or cap, made my head too warm. As in "Sweat". Cap, scarf, wig...all were too warm.

This week I discovered LINEN! I had a lovely linen skirt in the closet that did not fit. I had planned to make a sofa pillow with the fabric. I've done that before and loved the "cool" feel of the linen as compared to other fabrics.

While looking at the skirt I realized there was enough fabric to cut a large square for a scarf. I didn't even hem it, I was so lazeeee. Then I folded the scarf into a triangle as you would a square scarf. I placed it on my head, pulled the ends to the back, and secured them with a stretchy pony-tail tie. I cannot believe how comfortable this is. I wore it for hours and felt cool the entire time.

Then I switched to a very thin cotton scarf and I was sweating in minutes.

You have to try Linen!


Marian S. said...

I'm glad you discovered linen and can stay cool and stylish too!
My mom always loved that fabric, for some reason, I don't remember.
When she went through chemo, she'd wear my dad's baseball caps which usually had a Furnace Co. name on it like Lennox or American Standard, since he was in that business.
When she went out, she'd wear a wig and hated it!

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I have made some scarfs out of silky kind of fabric but like you say they are hot. I will try the linen. Never even thought of that!! I'm getting to where I hate wearing the wig anywhere:)

Daria said...

Good idea ... we'll have to try it.

Debby said...

You can go to the local thrift store and buy up a batch of linen skirts or dresses and make your own scarves for next to nothing. I'll pass this tip along.

McVal said...

American Sewers Guild that I belong to has made these linen and cotton head scarves for cancer patients in Des Moines. They're kind of shaped weird. But from what I understand, VERY comfortable!
If you sew, I'll send you the pattern when I find it.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I had several cotton "chemo hats" that I had bought from a seller on Ebay, and liked them a lot. But I was bald through the winter, so it wasn't too hot for me then. But as spring came on, I couldn't take it anymore, and since I was starting to grow hair again, I tossed the hats and boldly went out looking like a marine soldier! The linen sounds wonderful!!!! Great idea!

Debby said...

Sandwashed silk is another material you might try.