Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Supremacy, the Majesty, the Awesomeness of Christ

Today we're heading to Omaha to see my oncologist. Since I've finished my six sessions of chemo (and considering staying or not staying with the clinical trial drug), we'll be heading out early.

So today's post is a suggestion to go over to Josh's blog and read his post for today. Josh is working in India and is new to the blogging world. His insight amazes me. You can read his post for today here. If you like what you read, sign up as a follower and read him daily.

His main blog page is here and here you can read his previous posts. Tell him I said, "Hello!"


Denise said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am surviving ovarian cancer as well.

Tracey said...

Hope all goes well for you today xx

blushing rose said...

Blessings & prayers for you ... hope all goes well. TTFN ~Marydon

jim said...


All went well today and I was thankful to hear the doctor whisper, "Looks like she is in remission". I do not know a lot about cancer but those words made my ears perk up and my thoughts were to thank God for his all sufficient grace.

The past 7 months have been a struggle at times and yet also a time of spiritual growth for both of us. Thank you for being so strong when I was so weak!

Elle Bee said...

What a day for you. I hope it was a good one. Thanks for the link to the other blog. I'm interested to take a visit.