Monday, July 6, 2009

Potimarron! And No, I don't Know How to Pronounce It!

Monday Morning News! Yay, I passed my blood tests and can do my final (hopefully) chemo this Wednesday.

Other Monday news. My squash vines are looking a bit dry so I'm giving them a soak with the soaker hose. Potimarron squash are a winter squash from France and are supposed to be one of the best for baking and roasting. We're big fans of winter squash (and summer squash for that matter). The photo is from the Seed Savers Exchange where you can purchase seeds for heirloom veggies. I got mine by begging CinnamonGirl to save me a few last summer. Her garden is a lot bigger than mine and I envy her energy and her veggie harvests!

More Monday news. Ants are setting up housekeeping in the cracks of the sidewalk. Ants must stay out in the garden area. It's a rule at our house that they must not build homes under our sidewalks. Hence, out comes the Terro. If I could convince them to move in some other fashion I would. But I can't. Sorry, little ants.

And as Bugs Bunny used to say in his stuttering voice, "that-at-at-at-ats all, Folks!"


Laurie M. said...

Glad to hear there's an end in sight for your chemo. (Those squash are beautiful!)

Dorothy said...

I'm so glad to hear that your final chemo is actually today!!!

Praise God!