Friday, July 10, 2009

Snowman in July or How to Get Ready for December

Well, no, we don't have snowmen in July. That is, not unless you live down under in Aussie land. But I'm writing this post as a challenge! For next winter! Start collecting your snowman gear now so when that fFisherman snowmanirst warm snowy day appears you'll be ready.

Every year I make a snowman. Last year I made two. One in December, another in January. The snowy fisherman in December was planned. I found one of those horrid talking fish at a yard sale for a dollar. It was a real pain to get the fish off the plaque (took pliers and strength) and of course, he has a hole in his side where he was attached. But I figured he was healthy enough for my fisherman snowman. He was well worth what I paid for him.

In January we had a perfect day for snowmen. The temp had been just above freezing long enough to make the snow wet and sticky. (Powdery snow just won't work.) The day was nearly over and I rushed outdoors before the snow had a chance to re-freeze. But this time I was unprepared. I fi blonde snowman snowladynally found some black stones in the landscaping to use for eyes. Then I grabbed some dried asparagus ferns, mums, and blazing stars. The red asparagus berries made a perfect necklace. I like my fluffy blonde snowlady. She looks pretty sharp for a spur of the moment project.

My challenge for you. Begin thinking NOW for your snowman this winter. Find some yard sale sunglasses, a cap, a scarf, gloves and stash them away for winter use. You'll teach the neighbor kids a thing or two. Most of them don't even know how to make a snow angel anymore. What's the world coming to!



Debby said...

Oh, how clever you are. I meant to make a snowman last year, and never did. Chemo screwed my winter up, royally!

WhiteStone said...

Well I was a few days shy of diagnosis and then surgery and then another bout in the hospital and then chemo. In that order. AFTER the blonde snowlady. But I'm hoping to be fit as a fiddle this winter.

Daria said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!