Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Those 20,000 Words Will Convert to 500,000 Tomorrow

I've heard that women typically speak 20,000 words a day while men speak 7,000. That may or may not be true and certainly must not always be true for my man can outspeak me anytime anyday. Except Days 1 and 2 after chemo.

I have ovarian cancer and was able to receive my sixth and hopefully last chemo today. Last night I took several pre-chemo pills and today the first IV of several included more meds that work to reduce risk of reactions. Those pills and meds have me in high-energy mode the next couple days. I will make myself a long to-do list and I will get most of them done. And I will be talking, talking, talking.

Tonight while we were out for a walk I asked DH what his plans were for tomorrow. I told him I needed to know because for the next two days I will need to get out at least 500,000 words. He's my ears. And he must not interrupt for I won't be able to stop. Duct tape couldn't stop me. No, sirree, I'll be talkin'.


Debby said...

LOL! Talk on, sister!

Kara Herron said...

Congratulations on your last chemo. I clearly remember my sixth chemo - on February 11, 2009. We celebrated - the nurses gave me a bottle of sparkling juice, my sister and little niece brought balloons and other fun stuff. I was so excited. Of course, it affected me immediately, so I was really tired during the treatment. I was so happy to be done. I'm happy for you. B-the-way, thanks for all of your great comments on my blog!

-Kara (Foob Babe)

Tracey said...

Yakkerty Yak don't look back haha

Well done you on your final chemo.. Great feeling isn't it.. now for the hair to start sprouting ;-)

jociegal said...

Hello there - I just discovered your blog today and I find it all very interesting. Congratulations on your last chemo and I am so sorry you have been dealing with that. Take care!

Daria said...

That is a funny post ... the steroids make me hyper too.

Not only do I talk more ... my husband says I talk louder.

Last chemo ... good job.