Thursday, January 21, 2010

Curly Hope...Lots of Curly Hope!

I noticed her right away. Her head scarf. It was tied close at the nape of the neck and I could see no hint of wisps of hair. I knew she was bald. As in "chemo bald".

I'm not one to casually walk up to strangers but I did that today. I touched her lightly on the shoulder and said, "You know, six months ago I had a hairdo like that."

Her eyes went instantly to my curly mop of a hairdo and I knew she was looking for reassurance that she, too, would return to the land of hair.

She wasn't quite certain I wasn't wearing a wig so she asked if it were real.

"Oh, yes, it's real. And, no, my hair is not naturally curly."

Then she reached up to touch my fluffy curls and told her sis, who was with her, to do the same. My hair is really soft and bouncy and I laughed as they touched and patted. I knew she was wondering how long before she had hair again. Her chemo concludes in July.

"Two months," I said. "Two months after your last chemo, you'll begin to grow 'puppy fur'."

"Eyelashes, too?" she asked.

"Yes, eyelashes and brows."

I know she was excited to "see" where she will be in a few months time. Right now, in the midst of her treatments, in the midst of her baldness, it is difficult for her to see the end of the chemo and its effects and the beginning of the time "after". Seeing my head of bouncy curls gave her hope.

We hugged as I uttered into her ear, "God bless you. God bless you."



melissa said...

Hope makes all the difference, and bless you for giving some away.

Btw, your hair is wonderful!!!

Kelly said...

Bless you for being a blessing to her!

You really do have a beautiful head of curls now!

Karen said...

Oh, how I just LOVE it when God "introduces" us to people who need us to assist them as they traverse a difficult road! You made her whole day, perhaps even her whole week, and I'll bet that she'll never forget the kindness you extended toward her and her sister.

And I totally agree: your hair is beautiful, just like you.

John said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful story. Another example of how trials prepare us to bless others.

Dandy said...

That is a great ice breaker! I always tripped over my words in starting that conversation.

Look at your curls!!!

Paula said...

2 Corinthians 1:4 --- "Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."

You are living the scriptures, what a blessing you are.

Laurie M. said...

I love your beautiful curls!

l'optimiste said...

this post made me cry. I remembered being bald and it was horrible and that was such a lovely thing to do - I feel like doing it often, but I am always a bit nervous. Next time I shall. Why not?

Your hair looks so gorgeous!!

Debby said...

I, too, am so glad that you were able to comfort this woman, to give her something to look at beyond what she sees in the mirror right now. I'm so glad, because I remember when the same words would have encouraged me so much. Good job, friend, and I will pray for your new friend too. It's sad to think that even in 'paradise', there is cancer.

Scott said...

Thank you for this grace-filled example. Tears welled up as I thought of this God-given encounter. Hoping in Christ for you everyday,


Debbie said...

Isn't it amazing who the Lord brings into our paths.

LOVE the curls.

S. Etole said...

you are just the best ... what a blessing