Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Which I Confess That I Erred and Present a New Topic

I must change the topic! And I will, just as soon as I mention that I erred yesterday. The forecasters predicted overnight lows of minus 25. But the overnight temps were rather mellow and never got below a minus 5. I erred in suggesting that Mr. Gore move to Iowa. And I take it all back. Today we will have a balmy 9 degrees above zero. No wind. It will feel like spring.

Bear with me. I will change topics at the end of this post. I promise. But before then I want to post a few photos. Here is the mailman delivering mail yesterday with winds gusting 20-25 mph and the temp hovering at zero. Brave man, that Postman.

This morning I watched out the window as the little girl next door took her dog out in the backyard for his morning walk. It was still below zero and they did not stay outdoors very long.

Also this morning a friend helped Hubby create a pathway to the garage out back. A friend in need is a friend indeed! Thanks, Friend!
Out our front window you can see that the drifts near the house are very deep.

And here at last! A new topic! Blueberries! Don't they look wonderful! Hubby brought them home from the big store in the City. I can't eat them today because I am getting a PET scan later today. I'm restricted to water. Water. Water. Water. No coffee, no nothing from here until my appointment time. I will survive, of course, but I sure would love a handful of blueberries right now.

Stay warm, you Local Yokels. And the rest of you, too, if you live in this huge area of record cold temps.

Remember that God is in charge of all things, including the weather. He will bring spring to us just as he has every year since I can remember. All is as it should be.

Genesis 8:22 reminds us that, "While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease."



Jana said...

I hope you get more than a handful of those berries when you come home!! its record breaking cold out here too, but with ALOT less snow.

Debby said...

That's a lot of snow. A. Lot. Of. Snow. I'm looking at my 15 or 16 inches, and feeling pretty lucky in comparison. It is 10 degrees.

Whidbey Woman said...

Don't feel bad about posting about the weather. It is interesting to those of us that have it easier. Glad it is moderating a little for you. Sooner or later, the extreme cold will be gone! Love the pics. Good luck with your PET scan. Hope it goes well.

Elle Bee said...

Those blueberries look delicious. Hope you get a few handfuls after the PET scan.

Tina said...

Let us know how the scan goes! Do you get really nervous before? I think I will when I have mine. Maybe its God's way of keeping on my knees! :)

Thinking of you,

Kelly said...

Great photos! (including the blueberries....yum!!)

We got to 13 last night which is awfully cold for us down south. Brr!!

S. Etole said...

A Genesis promise I'm grateful for ... trust all will go well with your scan

Debra said...

Wow-you have 'more weather' than we do! I have been praying for this to stop-but I can see how blessed we are...It's only about 18 here-but that would make you maybe want to get the kiddie pool out and go for a romp in it!!
Hope your Mom's furnace is fixed real soon...

Debby said...

Gees. Just the threat of Al Gore moving to Iowa changed the weather?!! Huh. I'll be darned.

Kerry ABOUT ME said...

I'll be praying the pet scan goes really well. You will have to have a nice blueberry snack afterwards.

Kerry Osborne

Bill said...

Well, after our long, outrageous, hot spell coinciding with your cold spell, we have finally cooled down a bit. It is not frigid, merely single digits to low teens, depending what part of Wasilla you are in, but the wind - hitting 80, causing everything to rock and roll, sending objects hurtling through the air!

And I suspect that we are finally about to go below zero again.

I hope so.