Monday, January 4, 2010

My Eyes Play a Trick On Me And It Wasn't Funny!

Why would anyone want to remodel their bathroom in the dead of winter?

Don't ask me. I don't know. But we're doing just that. The contractor laid another coat of mud atop the sheet rock today. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Then a bit of sanding. Then installation of the vanity and sink. Then me. I'd do some preliminary painting before the vanity and mirror go back up on the wall just to avoid having to paint carefully at the edges but I haven't picked out the paint yet. And I need to put up primer first anyway.

Early this morning, about 2 am, I got up and looked at the thermometer. It read 15 below. An hour later I checked again and my eyes were playing a trick on me. It looked like 77 below. I rubbed my eyes and looked again and it read 17, not 77. Just about scared the pajamas right off me! The temp continued to drop until about sunrise when it dipped to 23 below. Fortunately, there is no wind or the wind chill would be deadly!

Stay Warm!



Jana said...

yipes if it were that cold I would die....literally...I am so sorry its still super chilly there, I hope you get your bathroom up and running again soon!

Paula said...

I just cannot imagine temps that cold. We're having a cold front move through tonight and it's supposed to get down to 29. We're shivering over here and turning the heat up!!! Hope you stay warm....and DON'T lose your pj's!!!!

Relyn said...

I've been so busy doing nothing much that I haven't been around to visit my blog friends in too long. So, though my wishes are late, I mean them with my whole heart. May your year be filled with laughter. May all your surprises be happy ones. May you remember to count your blessings. May you know each day how very much you are loved. Happy new year, my new friend.

Debby said...

If it had actually been -77, I think that it would have scared another 2 or 3 pairs of pajamas on top of the pair I was already wearing. Way too cold to be running around without pajamas, woman!

l'optimiste said...

hilarious post! -77?? I'd die too! the thought of even -17 is enough to make me feel ill..