Friday, January 8, 2010

I Think He Should Move to Iowa. And Write a New Book!

First order of the day? Breakfast. Second order? Shovel the driveway. Which my Hubby did with his snowblower. I dibbled at the edges with the snow shovel but he and his machine did the major work.

Several activities required me to be out and about.

First for a CA-125 blood test in regards to my cancer. CA-125 is a somewhat inaccurate and unpredictable (but widely used) tumor marker for ovarian cancer. The test is taken at several week intervals as a "first alarm" in regards to recurrence. It is not accurate but a "possible" indicator. Diana, my very favorite nurse, accessed through my Power Port. Some patients don't like the ports but I consider my port "my friend". (More info on my Power Port here.)

Then stops at the bank, post office, gas station, grocery store.

Also this morning I took a few groceries to my Mom's where I found her house to be toasty warm. Well, at least warm. It seemed toasty, coming indoors from below zero temps! But, no, her furnace is not yet fixed.

A couple days ago the required part arrived via the UPS truck. Alas! It did not fix the problem. So a different part (inducer) was ordered. This second part arrived later this afternoon. Mom called me. And said it was the wrong inducer...the person who took the order wrote down one number wrong. So now a THIRD part has been ordered. The repair guy is a good friend of ours and has known Mom for years. It was not he who ordered the parts so the blame is not his. But he felt terrible and apologized profusely.

In the meantime, in the Saga of Mom and Her Non-Working Furnace in the Midst of the Cold Snap of the Decade, her house is staying warm. I checked the radiant heater in the living room. The cord was cool to the touch. The heaters in the kitchen and side bedroom seemed okay as well. Mom seems to be quite satisfied that sooner or later the problem will be fixed.

Surely the right part will arrive on Monday! Surely!

In the meantime, we're staying warm in Iowa. The forecast for tonight? Do you dare ask? By 6 am we should experience temp down to or exceeding 23 below zero.

I think Al Gore should move to Iowa. And write a new book.

Just sayin'!



Diane said...

Heavens - most winters seem either very cold OR very snowy; you've been slammed with both. Kudos to your mom for wanting to stay in her house, and staying warm in spite of the konked out furnace. Praying they have the correct part this time.

Tina said...

Its supposed to be -15 here tonight (Minneapolis area). Al could come here too if he wanted--he could fly in on his fancy jet! :)
I too like my power port--I can't imagine all those chemicals going through a vein in my arm. And it is nice for blood draws too. Not sure how long I'll keep it, probably just until I have my post chemo scans. The doc made it sound like it was up to me. I use Emla cream on it before every treatment--it numbs it nicely if I remember to put it on early enough.

The Old Geezer said...

Al Gore should move to China. No on second thought I wouldn't wish that on any country

Bill said...

Saturday morning, I am going to go have breakfast at IHOP in Wasilla, just for you. You can send your mind to sit down at my table, where it will be warm and the coffee hot. The hash browns may not be as good as yours, but they will be good.

Debby said...

Your mom must be one tough cookie. I can see where you get it from. Keep us apprised on that part situation. Really. I'm serious about that.

WhiteStone said...

Surprise! Last night's low was a mere five below zero. The forecasters blew this one big time. Either that or global warming kicked in.

Kelly said...

I truly admire your mother's attitude.

I sure hope she can get her furnace fixed soon.

Daria said...

Love your ending comment ... in Edmonton, we are getting seasonably warm temperatures. That is highly unusual for this time of year.