Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's funny how you can be at home one day and the next day you can be 6000 miles away. While you are at home, "reality" consists of "home". And then the moment you land "there", home fades into the background and your new location becomes "reality".

Last Thursday we flew from Omaha to Dallas, looking down over snow-covered Kansas farmland. (You can click the photos for closer views.) Then we flew a second leg of the journey from Dallas to Maui.
And now here we "there"...and it doesn't seem strange at all to be walking about in 70-degree weather instead of having to deal with Iowa's cold and snowy winter. Today "reality" is palm trees, ocean breezes, and fresh papaya for breakfast.
As our plane approached the Kahului Airport I took several photos. Have you ever heard of crop circles? You know, those mysterious circular formations in the middle of a field that look as if they've been created by creatures from some extra-terrestrial saucer! Look at this one just under the tip of our wing as our plane approached the Kahului Airport. (Actually the circular design is made by irrigation units.)

One of our favorite places on Maui is Mama's Fish House Restaurant and Inn. We became acquainted with Mama's many years ago because our daughter-in-law works there. And this year it is a happy experience to be staying in one of Mama's beach units.

Hubby made reservations for a studio unit. When we arrived we found that Mama's had upgraded our reservation from a studio unit to a lovely 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony view of the ocean. We were surprised to say the least. (To put it more accurately, we were Startled! Surprised! Delighted!)

We can hear the surf outside our window. We eat breakfast out on the balcony. The beach is right at our feet down a cozy little path that is surrounded by tropical foliage.

Today we spent a fun day with our son, our daughter-in-law, and our two granddaughters. They're a fun pair, those two girls. They love swimming in a little swim area and combing the beach for "treasure" in the form of small seashells. They play a mean game of Yahtzee and love jigsaw puzzles and crafts.

This is a quiet diversion from cancer. In February we'll be going to Mayo Clinic for an in-depth review as to what we will be doing next in regards to my cancer. But that is there and then. For now, reality is here and now. Quietly tropical. And pleasant indeed.



l'optimiste said...

it looks like heaven - enjoy every second! you deserve it :o)

Oh, and Mama's rocks upgrading you! how cool is that?

Dorothy said...

I'm so glad that you get to enjoy an "alternative reality" for a while! Soak it up, Whitestone!

Paula said...

Very, very nice. So glad that you are enjoying a get away! Such a change of scenery for you! LOL...the weather is a bit warmer. Have a great time.

Debby said...

'Wanna Walk Along?' Okay, yes, WhiteStone, I do. Last week in Iowa, probably not, but this week in Maui, yes, I want to walk along...

Enjoy every last bit of it my friend ~ the children, and the grandchildren, and the beaches, and the yahtzee, and the little treasures, and the upgrade, and the breezes, golly, it almost does seem like I'm walking along. Thanks!

PS Word verification is angst. I see precious little of it in this post.

Mrs. Spit said...

How very, very, very wonderful.

Soak up a bit extra Vitamin D if you can, for me..

Pilgrim Mommy said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Kelly said...

Wow!! What a wonderful place to have family! It all looks WONderful!! I've never been to Hawaii. Maybe someday.

Yes, a much deserved diversion. Enjoy the sun and warmth and all the family fun. Feel free to share more of it here with us!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

How glad I am for your reprieve; your rest and your "there." This has been a particularly difficult day for me; taking this "trip" with you to your "there" brings comfort to my soul.

Prayers for you as you continue the journey, no matter where the plane lands. Thanks for stopping by.


Karen said...

O, WhiteStone, the pictures are lovely! And I am so glad that you are getting away for a bit, away from the cold weather and away from the nagging thoughts of cancer, at least to some degree. I am praying for you, dear friend, and wish I could walk along with you for just a few minutes to soak up some rays! Have a great time with your family! :)

Laurie M. said...

Wow - What a switch! I hope you have a wonderful respite.

Daria said...

Hawaii ... I am so jealous ... but happy for you.