Friday, May 2, 2008


The Illinois DOT has no sense of humor. However, Oak Lawn's Mayor Dave Heilmann certainly does. I like his quirky inventive approach to solving a problem. IDOT disagrees and has required the city of Oak Lawn to take down the secondary octagons. Too bad!

Perhaps they should have allowed the city to at least keep the "Billion Dollar Fine" sign. Think of the civic improvements one single fine could cover! What a loss of potential revenue! It's sad that state and federal regulations can prevent a city from collecting such a tidy sum! Shame on IDOT!

And how about that "Stop right there, Pilgrim!" Can't you hear John Wayne's gravelly drawl? Maybe IDOT decided Illinois is just not far enough west to be considered so "western".

Meanwhile, In the Naaaame of Love, Stop and Smell the Roses. Life is short. And tomorrow it will be shorter yet.


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