Monday, July 7, 2008

Bone Cyst and Sympathetic Critter

Our grandson has a broken arm. It's a weird broken arm. Several weeks ago he was hanging from the monkey bars at the playground when he heard a "pop". His humerus (upper arm bone) has a bone cyst near the upper part of the bone just under the growth plate. This weakened the bone and his swinging weight caused it to snap clean across. Fortunately he does not have to wear a cast but he does have to keep his arm in a sling for several weeks.

His friend in the photo is Fat Jack (aka Jackson), a quiet feline who is content to lie companionably on the carpet. I'm not certain Fat Jack could move very fast even if he wanted to for he weighs 20+ pounds. He's fed the appropriate portion once a day so it's not as if he overeats. He is lazy, lazy, lazy, and sits placidly anywhere, anytime, peering around the room, seldom moving, never getting excited unless he happens to spot a moth on the wall. He can't even get up enough energy to emit an occasional "MeoW".

He makes a perfect companion for a kid recuperating from a broken bone.

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