Friday, July 18, 2008

I Have Recurring Dreams and Some of Them are Colorful

I didn't realize I have so many recurring dreams until I began to write about them. You can read about my dream about flying (if you can call hovering over the carpet as 'real' flying) and my recurring dream about commemorative pennies. And you can read about my recurring dream of flying down stair banisters. The funny thing is these are always pleasant dreams and maybe that's why they are recurring ... I just plain like them.

When my daughter told me of her dream that featured puppies born with colored fur ... not black or brown or white, but colors as in purple and blue it reminded me of my own recurring dream of colored pets. In my case it was kittens, not puppies. In my dreams the kittens have fur of 'natural' turquoise or magenta or some other color. It is a color they are born with and in the dream I realize that this color will be genetically passed on to the offspring. What a cool, colorful dream.

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