Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sometimes a Bouquet Needs No Blossoms

I like to bring in flowers from my garden. Particularly roses. My beloved spouse thinks roses belong in the yard where they certainly do look lovely. But I like to put them in a vase where I can enjoy their beauty and their fragrance every time I walk past.

However, there are other plants in my yard that look nice as a non-floral arrangement. Hosta leaves, for instance, do nicely in water and make a bold statement either alone or with other plants added to the mix. Their glossy shape and texture are lovely.

But this second bouquet? What is that, you ask? These are onions gone to seed and their sculpturely shape shouted "We Look Great!!". I brought several inside, placed them in a vase, and thought, "Whooeee! Cool Arrangement!" Until the next day, that is, when I noticed that the water was beginning to have a sour onion odor. Out they went. Still....they look kinda cool, don't you think? Think of them as a "short-term" ornamental.

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