Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tip Of The Day or How To Hang Two Pictures Vertically In Line Without Using a Level

Last week while visiting my daughter in Minnesota we went yard saling. We ALWAYS go yard saling for a different city has different treasures. And if you don't understand that then you are not a yard sale aficionado.

One of the treasures I brought home was this silver oval picture frame. I knew it would be perfect for one of two black and white photos I have. (It was difficult choosing which photo to use! I love them both!)

After looking around I decided to hang this framed photo directly beneath a vintage photo. The problem? How to place the nail exactly vertical to the first. Aha! Light bulb moment? I placed a necklace chain on the nail, let it hang, and marked the spot for the new nail.

Aha, you say, how will that help if I want the new photo ABOVE the first one? Simply hold the new nail with the chain looped over the nail and dangle it over the first nail until you find the right place to tap it into the wall.

Sometimes the problems of life are so easy to solve. She said with a smile.

Now, if I can explain to my spouse why I'm sitting here typing away instead of cooking pancakes for breakfast I'll have a second problem solved. Again she said with a smile.

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