Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did You Ever Notice the "Green?"

So many products are listed as "green" these days. Many makers of clothing, personal care items, and others tell us that they are "green" stores or carry "green" products. In other words they claim their items were produced in a manner not harmful to the environment (the rain forests or other current environmental focus). It's as if they are telling you that their products are somehow more moral than the products of their competitor. (Methinks they have an ulterior motive...hoping that the consumer will prefer THEIR product because of its green label. It translates to "profit".)

I have no problem with "green". After all, God told Adam and Eve to tend the garden, to oversee Creation, to take care of the Created Earth. We are to be wise stewards, good caretakers, responsible citizens of this Created Earth. So I agree that "green" is good. Nothing wrong with "green". Nothing wrong whatever with taking care of this Created Earth.

But I wonder when those who appear to be so diligently concerned about the earth and all that it holds...I wonder if they would so gladly accept a label that indicates a product has not violated the rights of the thousands of preborn being aborted daily in this nation.

Sadly abortion is one of those issues where pro-abortion people use one fallacious argument or another to defend their viewpoint. Read this one that I copied from the net this morning...and I quote...

"Do you kill spiders in your home? Those are living too! Do you kill weeds at your home? Those are living too! Come on now, lets be consistant! And like you, I will fight to keep the right to keep my body mine and until you want to support MY Body, then back off!!!!

How ridiculous is that argument!? Using her own argument, one might argue right back...Since we kill living things such as spiders and weeds, what problem is there in killing each other...at any age, at any time, for any reason?

Sadly, there are TWO people involved in an abortion, two bodies, two lives. One insists she has the right to do with her life as she pleases. At the same time she insists that the second person has no voice in the matter. Under current civil law, she is correct. Under moral law, she is dead wrong (no pun intended). How can you argue for a "right" for one person without advocating a "right" for the other? Do only certain human beings have rights?

I am speaking as an older woman. I've made plenty of mistakes in life. I've accumulated plenty of my own sins. I am not sin free. So when I speak, I speak kindly and with truth. I say this...for readers who may have experienced abortion, do not be afraid to look at this issue in blinding truth. Stop believing the false arguments. Stop believing the lies. Be of great courage and look at the truth straight on. And then go to God in deep prayer, asking forgiveness. Our Beloved Lord is faithful and just to forgive. He died on our behalf in order that he CAN forgive.

John 12:46 "I have come as Light
(truth) into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness (untruth)."
I John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

P.S. I'll bet many, a majority, of pro-choice people would angrily lobby against animal shelters who might abort kittens and puppies. And I'll bet any farmer knows that the calf his cow is carrying in her belly is, indeed, a real live calf and not a worthless blob of flesh. If the farmer aborted calves on the premise he could sell the cow for meat, there would be an uprising amongst the animal rights people. How contradictory is that!

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