Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things I No Longer Buy or Consume

Recently I was thinking about Jell-o. I don't know why. It just crossed my mind. It's been years since I've bought a box of Jell-o. Click here to see where gelatin comes from and why I have a difficult time considering it "food". The process makes this a very un-yummy "food" to my way of thinking.

That made me think of a number of other things I no longer buy. Here's a short list.

Crisco - Ugh! Read here about the history of Crisco. This site calls it the "quintessential imitation food". I haven't quite figured out how an imitation food can be so high in calories but there it is. These days I generally cook with olive oil and in very small amounts. I seldom make cookies anymore and when I do, the recipe I use calls for oil, not for solid fats. I keep butter on hand for special times when I need a "solid" fat or want the buttery flavor. I don't over-use it, but I figure it HAS to be more healthy than the quintessential imitation food.

Pre-Decorated Birthday Cakes - the kinds you buy at the big super grocery stores. The cake itself I can tolerate even though I recognize that it is baked from the most unhealthy ingredients. But the frosting!!! It tastes like Crisco! Or worse, an ugly imitation of Crisco. Do I ever bake cakes? Yes, and usually from a box. But I make my own frosting using powdered sugar and a dab of butter. Healthy? Well, it's not classified with veggies and fruits in regards to nutrition, but at least it is less artery clogging that that purchased, over-colored, ugly spread they call frosting. Here's a suggestion - if you HAVE to buy a pre-decorated cake, go down to the local Dairy Queen and buy an ice-cream cake. It may not be super-super-healthy, but it's a whole lot better than this.

Liverwurst - I quit buying this one in 1968 when I noticed the ingredients included "pork snouts". Yes, I really want to eat the noses of pigs.

Hotdogs - Similar reasons to Liverwurst.

Deli-salads - the kind made with lots and lots of mayonnaise or imitation mayonnaise. I don't care if they've put it in the case barely an hour ago, it LOOKS as if it has been there three days. I don't generally keep foods more than three days in my own fridge! Why would I want to buy something that already looks past its time?

Fosomax - Read here to see why I'm happy I stopped taking this bone-density drug three years ago.

Ciggies - This one speaks for itself. It's been twenty years since I quit ciggiebutts and it was an excellent decision! I could jump for joy about this one!

My list could include numerous other things as well, but today is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are busy days or me.
Also, a disclaimer, I hold no personal grudge against any of these products or their makers...I simply choose not to use or consume based on personal reasons. You, on the other hand, have to make your own decisions. And I hope Liverwurst is not your very favorite sandwich fixin'.

She said with a smile.

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Paula said...

Not a bad list of things not to consume. I knew about all of them, except Jello. I never liked the stuff, so, didn't bother me! This kind of post makes you say Ewwwwww. But, still a great post. LOL