Friday, December 5, 2008

The Charlie Brown Tree

I'm a yard sale aficionado (I had to go to the dictionary for that one!). It means I have an "affection" for yard sales. Yard sales are good. They sell. I buy. Everyone goes away happy.

This year's Christmas tree is a yard sale find. When I brought it up from the basement this week, I was a wee bit surprised at the $5 sticker that was still attached! Me! Spend $5 on a rather smallish, Charlie Brown kinda tree? My affionadoness must have affected my frugalness that day!

This tree is too small even for lights! It would look really dorky with green wires wrapped here and there. So....No Lights This Year.'s kinda cute and has its merits.

The snowmen arrived via another yard sale. The magenta glass beads are from an old necklace. They're tied on with green thread. The white garland is made up of strands of white seed beads from another yard sale necklace.
The tree itself looked a bit lonesome until the fun-loving snowmen arrived on the scene. They're ready for winter fun but I hope they take time Christmas Eve to read Luke 1:32,33 and Luke 2:7 and Luke 2:11,12 and Luke 2:13,14 and a whole bunch more! Christmas is not Christmas if one does not remember the Christ, the Savior, the One who loves us and gives us Life in Him. (You can point your cursor at the scriptures and read them yourself!)

I'm still searching the house for more glass beads. But if I can't find any, the tree looks pretty good as is.


cinnamongirl93 said...

Your tree is adorable. Very cute.
I'm not much for yard sales. I have only been to maybe 10 in my entire life. Maybe if I went to more I would find interesting items like you have.

WhiteStone said...

Yard sales are hit and miss. Sometimes I find useful items. Sometimes not. It was difficult to yard sale when I was working. But now that I am retired, its much easier to find the time. Blessings to ya.

Sheri said...

I love yard sales but we have so much of our own stuff I've tried to avoid them the last few years.
About growing up along the Little Sioux River.There was neighbor boy that did drown swept off a horse while crossing during a spring thaw when the river was raging. Years later my older brother and cousin Mary Janine when they were about fourteen swam the river that time of year when it was raging. They made it safely to the other side then got too scared to swim back and walked down to the bridge to get home. Don't think my parents ever learned of that little incident. Honestly the things kids do! What were they thinking?