Saturday, December 27, 2008

Did You Ever See a Blonde SnowLady?

This year's creation is a Blonde Snowlady. And, no, she is not a ditz. She is, however, very feminine with her hair of asparagus fern, garlic seedheads, and dried chrysanthemums. She loves her necklace of asparagus berries. And look at those tiger lily stem arms/fingers! (Click the photo for a closeup of her lovely hair!)

Her friend, the Fisherman, sits out front of the house and is very happy indeed that his ice fishing has been a successful venture.

My grandson made his own snowman but refused to pose for a photo. Twelve-year-olds!!!!!

It has long been my contention that every adult child should make at least one snowman per season. And if your weather permits, I expect you to follow my leading in this matter.

Here's the Tip of the Day for those of you who are into crafting and who like to felt old wool sweaters. Make some wool mittens from felted wool...they keep your hands warm no matter if they get wet while patting that snow into the semblance of a snow person. You can find instructions here.

My first pair of woolen mittens was as a child in second grade. My grandmother, who lived in the balmy State of California, sent Christmas boxes to us each year. That year she included a pair of wool mittens for me. They were multi-colored, like Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, and were undoubtedly knit from leftover yarns. (My gramma grew up making do and every scrap of yarn was saved for a future project!) Initially I was not impressed with these home-made stripey mittens...that is, until I used them in the snowy outdoors. For the first time ever, my hands stayed wonderfully warm. When I lost them soon thereafter, I was very sad indeed!

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