Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Night There Was a Sad Face in the Sky

Last night (or was it the night before?) we had a sad face in the sky. Shortly after sunset the crescent moon and Venus and Jupiter appeared in the sky positioned close enough together (visually, that is) to make what looked like a rather wonky upside-down sad-face. (you can click on the photos for a slightly better view.)

In Australia, however, folks saw a smiley face. And I know the reason why. In Australia it is springtime. They have a lot to smile about in Australia for the best time of the year is on the scene. Flowers are blooming. Veggies are being planted. Birds are singing. The grass needs cutting.

Here it was 19 degrees today and we're heading deeper into winter. The perennials are down for the count. Fresh veggies are to be found only at the grocery store. The birds have flown south (undoubtedly to Australia!), and a sprinkle of snow covered our driveway this morning. Winter is upon us.

This is no smiling matter! (she said with a smile)


cinnamongirl93 said...

I love the snow. I don't mind the cold. That is if I don't have to chase naughty horses in a dark snowy pasture! Grinning!!

Diane said...

I am SO thankful I don't have to chase horses in the cold! Well, unless you count the horses under the hood of the car, which is not happy about starting when it's only 14 degrees.

Winter does have it's purpose - without the rest they get, the plants wouldn't be so vibrant in the spring. Time to settle in for that "long winter's nap"!

Sheri said...

It's cold here in Ohio too. I used to love the cold and snow but not so much these days.