Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Believe It or Not, It's Going to Get Worse!

We're getting poor. Really poor. I'm not imagining this... I am beginning to see it often. Young women out and about who have nothing in their closet. They're wearing pajamas in the public square. Flannel pajamas. Polar fleece pajamas. Pajamas! PJs!

I don't understand it...the entire shopping mall is made up of clothing stores. Yard sales abound in our small town. There are two thrift shops within a 7-mile radius. And two Goodwill stores in the nearby city. Surely there are enough clothes to go around, wouldn't you think?

But, no. Young women, teens mostly, are resorting to wearing pajamas in public.

I'm old enough to remember when it was unacceptable to wear blue jeans to the office. In fact I initiated Friday jeans in the small agricultural office where I worked. The girls in the office next door gratefully followed suit. Then it became five days a week and not just Friday. This is a farming community and farmers often stood at the counter in boots that had recently left the barnyard. The aroma of manure often lingered for some time after. So blue jeans seemed to fit right in the rural atmosphere.

But Pajamas! Oh, I'm kidding when I say there aren't enough clothes. I know Pajamas are becoming a fashion trend although I don't know how you can call them fashion. There is no "style" to a pair of pajamas...they're sloppy, they drag on the ground, they look loungey and lazy.

So I am saying right here and now. Expect to see more. It's going to get worse.


Cat Rocketship said...

Oh, but pajamas are warm!

WhiteStone said...

You might say they are Slovenly Warm! Or Warmly Slovenly. And not nearly as warm as a pair of leggings worn underneath a nice pair of jeans.

Diane said...

Back eight or nine years ago, one of the AWANA helpers would wear her plaid flannel pj bottoms and a sweatshirt - I understand the comfort issue, but it did unsettle me a bit.

I think the attraction may be the hint of being "naughty" without really exposing much. Even ye olde sweatpants are warmer, and more socially acceptable.

Debra said...

I've seen this fashion statement at Wal-Mart, but pretended I didn't...
I'm not going to ever wear my pajamas in public! In fact, I have had nightmares about having my PJ's on out of the house!

Just wanted to say I LOVED your post about Jesus, mercy,and us all being the woman caught in sin. It was fantastic, and full of hope. Thank you.
Love, Debra

Angoraknitter said...

Yeah, I only just caught on to this the other day. I went running before my husband went off to work, and ran past a group of junior high girls heading to school. I thought, "is it pajama day?" Then realized they probably dress like his everyday. My goodness!