Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

A major news network reports that the high school records of hero pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger have been inappropriately released by the school...and then the news network flaunts a photo of the inappropriately released records.

Am I missing something here? Wouldn't that be just as inappropriate?

Whatever happened to editorial INTEGRITY in the news business?

Oh, I forgot. It's disappeared from the American scene. Long ago. All in the name of ratings and money and one-up-man-ship. The trend is to produce the hype before the competitor.

Shame on Fox News. And Shame on every other news outlet that picks up on this by displaying the same photo on THEIR page.

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melissa said...

Hi there! Replying to your weather-related comment on my blog---you asked where we lived. Maybe you were wondering why we dripped our faucets in the cold...well, we're in the South, and while the house in insulated just fine (for the South--but probably inadequately for other regions), we have a crawlspace under the house, which makes it pretty vulnerable. But, the advice to everyone here is to let the faucets run a bit of a stream when the temps. are below freezing. Just a precaution. Still, folks still have frozen pipe problems.

We're just not used to the cold extremes down here. :)