Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's So Irritating...So I'm Wondering...

I try to be sensible with my cell phone...turn it off or to vibrate mode in public meetings, church, doctor's office, etc. However, I constantly forget to return it to the regular ring setting. This causes me to miss important calls.

So I'm wondering...are there cell phones that can be pre-set to turn back on after a prescribed amount of time? In other words, if you turn it off, why can't it be set to automatically turn back on after an hour and a half...and alert you to that fact with a small beep?

If no cell phone maker has done this...I hope they will...and I hereby ask that they give me a percentage of their profits for my bright idea. If this feature is already available, I hope someone will let me know what kind of phone has the feature.

And if none of the above happens, perhaps I can hire a secretary.
(She said with a smile.)

1 comment:

Renna said...

I do the same exact thing as you. If you hear of a solution, let me know!